Greetings from the picturesque Tofukuji Temple, an 8-minute walk from our house. It’s been 3 1/2 years since we were able to visit Kyoto. The atmosphere is, as always, filled with a serene and welcoming energy. The air is fresh and crisp with the warmth of autumn sun. The maple leaves are starting to change to different shades of golden, orange, green and scarlet. For eons, they have given much joy and blessings to those who appreciated their presence. Despite the pandemic, visitors, both local and foreign, are flocking to admire this magnificent scene.

Our house has also been patiently ‘holding space’ in our absence. The maple tree in the front has grown bigger and stronger. Its branches extend onto the street, swaying in the wind as if greeting curious onlookers. It goes to show that my absence of attending to it has little impact as it still thrives and flourishes. Every fiber of its being knows exactly what to do. Amazing nature!

De-Light Note

Next time you see a plant, sense its presence. It’s co-existing with you quietly in the same space. Contemplate your connection with it. You both draw upon the same breath of our Mother Earth. Your existence is dependent on its wellbeing, its ability to give you the oxygen that sustains your life, and it continues to perform its duty regardless of any circumstances.

  • Inhale and fill your inner space with the blessings of a plant. Exhale and send your blessings to nature.
  • In de-Light, I honor its presence and pay reverence to its divine service. And I honor mine as well.