A Journey of Eternal Love

Being able to return to Kyoto in November last year after the pandemic warmed my heart. The Tsubaki tree was blossoming and when I clipped a stalk for the altar, the heart-shaped petal fell off to greet me.

In December, we made a 3-day trip to Tokyo during which I came across a gigantic rainbow that streamed down from the sky like a pillar of Light. I saw it just as I walked out of a mall; the full rainbow color spectrum  revealed itself radiant on a plastic sheet. When I looked up at the building, the rainbow continued on up the wall and blended into the sky. (Rainbow symbolizes inner transformation.) After reaching another mall entrance a few hours later, I saw a sculpture made of green leaves in the design of infinity. (Infinity symbolizes the endless cycle of divine power, love and wisdom. It reminds us to be aware of our true Self. The two sides of the loop represent balance with boundless potentials.)  I am delighted by the synchronicities at play everywhere!


In March this year, we returned to greet the Kyoto Spring and celebrate my 60th birthday. As written in my December and February Blogs, I had an amazing encounter at the Nyoiji in North Kyoto and mentioned that we would re-visit it again. I was joined by Cecilia and Jonathan who have been supporting my mission since I started it 16 years ago. On the day of our travel, it was raining heavily but this didn’t deter our enthusiasm  to explore the natural landscape and its energy. When we visited scenic locations, I had an indescribable feeling of love from nature – the weather, plants, insects, animals. They appeared at the perfect place and time, and again showed a sense of constant creation, spirit and playfulness. I felt like I was receiving birthday gifts from them throughout the trip!

North Kyoto

After we returned to the city, we visited a temple for about an hour. As we were leaving, a young lady’s energy drew my attention. Her back was facing me and I thought to myself she ‘looked’ like a student but I continued to walk. Then, all three of my group went to the washroom while I waited outside, I saw a couple walking towards me that drew my attention again. I felt strange as I didn’t have the habit of looking at people. The sun was on their faces so I didn’t see them clearly until they got closer, I realized that indeed they were students of mine. I have met three of them with one in spirit. How in the world could that have happened. There are over 2000 temples in Kyoto and to have run into each other at the perfect time and space was like winning the lottery! 

Temple Encounter

On my birthday I drew this Rainbow Card, ‘I choose the inner knowledge that I am provided for in the best way possible.’ This card summarized my journeys in Kyoto since November of last year. Cecilia and Jonathan treated me to lunch at my favorite restaurant. The owner/chef is a good friend of ours who started from the ground up. He is not only gifted and hardworking, he has a big heart. And he has a special mission for his business. In his own words, 

‘A restaurant is a place where the creator’s feelings are gathered and entwined.’ (He meant the working team and ingredients from the nature). He wants to ‘deliver soulful cookery and cutlery’ and ‘express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the creators.’

I could not have agreed more as I savored his dishes filled with tender care, refinement and above all, love. 

Rainbow Card

The morning following my birthday I walked outside of my garden and saw the most incredible scene. The petals of my neighbor’s Sakura tree fell on to the ground and formed a big, pink heart shape! I could not contain myself and ran to tell Ko. As it turned out, he had seen it earlier and thought that I swept the petals together to make the heart shape. I guess people who don’t know me well would have the same thought! The heart shape stayed the same even after a stormy rain. 

Sakura Heart

I would like to conclude with this quote by James Allen, one of my favorite philosophical and spiritual writers. 

‘Sink thyself compassionately in the heart of humanity, and thou shalt reproduce the harmonies of Heaven.

Lose thyself in unlimited love toward all, and thou shalt work enduring words and shalt become one with the eternal Ocean of Bliss.’ 

De-Light Note

To be in eternal love is to continuously immersed yourself in divinity. It is an act of love in connecting your own soul and spirit. It will give you divine power, wisdom and love. You open your heart to embrace whatever you love. And your life will manifest in accordance to your inner state. It is this simple yet powerful and profound. As you continue to connect and expand the divine love within you, you will be transformed beyond your old self. With this, you enter infinity. 

  • Contemplate on your relationship with divinity, the meaning of eternal love.
  • Examine how you would like to manifest your life.