May is a month for gardening – the weather is warm and sunny, with a bit of rain; and the plants are ready to make their move. I love gardening, spending over an hour every day tending to my garden. It is inaccurate to refer to the garden at our home as “my garden” because the garden is home to many living elementals. I am just a gardener who takes care of them. Nevertheless, I will use ‘my garden’ to keep it simple.

I would like to introduce a few of the elementals who regularly show their faces. First, in my front garden are two frogs who hop in and out of the water fountain. Every time I clean it, the frogs would come out to quench their thirst or just chill. On the 19th May, when I started to write this Blog, I prayed to have a few photos of the elementals. At 4:44 pm, when I returned home from grocery shopping, the brown frog was sitting on the fountain. I immediately dropped my bags and took out my iPhone. He waited and let me take 2 photos and then dashed off. (All of the elementals allowed me to take two photos at the most before disappearing! The photos were indeed their special blessings to others.) The small green frog likes to hang out with the large ceramic frog; don’t ask me why!

The next morning at 11:11am, I was tending to the back garden, and a huge black butterfly landed on the hibiscus. (I was able to take only one photo before it flew away.) This was the first time in 7 years that the hibiscus had blossomed. Even though there were just a few blossoms in my garden, there were many kinds of butterflies visiting here daily.  Lately, there have been several types of flowers that made themselves at home too, notably, the fuchsia and iris which have been blossoming for the last few years.

Whenever I weed the soil, I find various kinds of bugs and worms. I love the golden bug and ladybird! There is a kind of bug known as the ‘dangomushi’ in Japanese which is the ‘pill bug’ in English. These bugs live in abundance in the ground. Although I am not particularly fond of their appearance, they serve as the decomposers in the ecosystem. If they ever get overpopulated, the two Japanese geckos in residence will consume them. I found the geckos to be quite smart and friendly. When we were relaxing in the garden (rather than gardening), they would show their faces. They would get quite close and spend some time observing us.

It is amazing to discover so many elementals in my small garden. They know their habitats very well and live harmoniously with each other. I love their presence which uplifts my spirit and keeps me engaged. Although they are different species, they teach me how connected we all are under the sun. We are one big family sharing this divine space created by the Source, and I will continue to honor and respect their right to co-exist in this space.

De-Light Note

To be in eternal love is to continuously immerse yourself in divinity. It is an act of love in connecting yourself with the divine creations. You open your heart to embrace whatever you love. And your life will manifest in accordance to your inner state. It is this simple yet powerful and profound. As you continue to connect and expand the divine love within you, you will be transformed beyond your old self. With this, you enter infinity.

  • Connect with nature through your heart.
  • Contemplate on your relationship with divinity, the meaning of eternal love.