The initiates of Magnified Healing are blessed by the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood is composed of Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters have gained mastery on Earth and became God-like.They are here to help mankind to grow their souls. They are messengers of God and provide the selfless service to us.

Since I was initiated over a decade ago, I have been receiving messages from the Ascended Masters. However, I have my self-doubts and did not share with others until many years later. Nevertheless, I have been incorporating their messages in announcements and workshops. The 7A of Co-Creating Life with Your Light Self workshop was the latest one.

Recently, I saw the Ascended Host of Light in my vision. The Ascended Host has many Ascended Masters and they told me to address them as AHOL. I was directed to read their book the 21 Essential Lessons in which confirmed what I saw in my vision. I will do my best to transmit the messages the AHOL gives me. These messages are filled with the Light. You will receive healing when you read them.