May the Lunar New Year bring you love, joy, peace, power, health, and abundance! On the first day of the Lunar New Year, a sparrow landed on the window sill, looking curiously at me for a minute. It was the first time I saw a bird after moving into our new home a month ago.

I knew it was here to send me a message so I sat down to meditate. Immediately, I saw white feathers stacking over each other while falling onto my heart. The background was filled with Light. “LIGHT AS A FEATHER” appeared in my mind’s eye. I was told that the words served a duo meaning – be light as a feather, and feather is Light.

Following the first of a nine-year cycle in 2017, 2020 is the fourth year, a number 4 in vibration. This year is about DEVOTION and EMPOWERMENT! Its vibration corresponds to our heart (chakra), so it is time to do some inner work. White feather is a symbol of faith and protection. You can be rest assured that Light is within your heart to support your choices. 2020 is the time to commit yourself to your dreams and desires, to put in real effort, time and resources in order to build a solid foundation.

Also, this is the time to look deep within and address all the issues that are blocking your way. In particular, the negative thoughts and emotions that can be consuming your energy and decreasing your vitality. The approach to all these is to be light as a feather. Feel your heart and attune yourself to be authentic in living. Live in the truth and in balance.

“Be in the world of duality. Transcend it.” ~ Margie

Number 4 is about connecting with the Mother Earth. Open your heart to loving it who provides you with everything you need and in abundance. In addition to humans, God also created the angelic and elemental kingdoms. The elementals are here to service us – minerals, animals, air, fire, water, and earth to name a few. Yet, the Earth with all the elementals is suffering now because of our neglectful, even abusive actions. The current situation with the coronavirus is an example of the elementals crying out for help. This is not the time to be fearful and judgmental. Rather, we should ask ourselves what the messages and lessons are. Each of us should then take our own actions, however small, to remedy what is within us. This is the Light way to restore balance and harmony and to nurture the Earth.

What We Can Do

  • Make vegetables and fruits more than 80% of your diet
  • Consume less
  • Upcycles and recycles
  • Adopt animals
  • Volunteer or Donate to Eco-friendly organizations
  • Meditate
  • Heal

You Can

  • Join my 3MH Healing Group weekly on Skype
  • Start a new Healing Group by emailing me
  • Receive a gift of my book A Soul Journal from Kyoto by emailing me
  • Join the 1-3A of 7A of Co-Creating Life with Your Light Self on February 1 & 2
  • Join The M Formula Workshop on February 16 if you like to manifest your dream/desire

After I read the new year message from Margie, I was on my way home to help post the message and create a picture/graphic for it. I was thinking of different ways to do this, but I just looked up at the dusky colors in the sky and then saw a feather in the clouds. I took this photo and knew the angels and the Light sent this feather to go with this message. ✨😇 Moments after I took the photo, the feather disappeared.” – Charlotte

Thank you so much, Charlotte. I was thinking of what photo to post and the Light responded in divine timing. And your effort as well!

I forgot to mention that Angels vibrate to the number 22 which equals a 4. 2020 is the year to invoke the Angels AND your angels to support you on this path.” – Margie