Greetings from Kyoto! I am sharing this amazing photo taken by Ko, capturing three birds flying around the Yasaka Pagoda. It is 5-storeys, corresponding to the 5A of my 7A True Self Workshop. The birds represent the vibration for 2019. How this is divinely arranged!

Following the first of a nine-year cycle in 2017, 2019 is the third year, a number 3 in vibration. In the beginning, you have a vision, you start to grow your potential and pair up with your soul. This year is about MANIFESTATION; the year to roll your sleeves up and make things happen.

The number 3 symbolizes the TRINITY – the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. You are created with the Light’s perfect vision. This year is the perfect time to be the best you can be! All you have to do is to ALIGN your entire being in body, mind and spirit and go for it.

I remember the last third year (of a nine-year cycle) was in 2010, when I took a leap of faith and started the first 7th Ray Center in Hong Kong. Establishing it from the ground up was a fun-loving and exciting discovery. I had a deep dive on my true self and got in touch with my vision and passion. Then, I gave everything I AM to the Center, including reaching out to ready souls, doing healing, preparing teaching materials and conducting workshops. I was able to communicate genuinely through my true self and also invoke its creative power. It was a very empowering journey for me.

In 2017, after seven years of continuous operation, I was bestowed with another blessing–a name change. Margie means Child of Light with a vibration of the number 8. I realized that it was time to embark on this Light path. For over a year, I have been preparing for it, including writing and publishing my first book–A Soul Journal from Kyoto, setting up a new website, capitalizing on social media, and spending time in Kyoto. Moving forward, I am letting go of the old to make room for the new. Hence, there will not be a 7th Ray Center anymore, including Hong Kong, Kyoto and Vancouver. There WILL ONLY BE Margie! You can access me directly through, the website, Facebook [Margie in Light] and Instagram [@margieinlight]. Although I will be spending more time in Kyoto, I will continue my regular activities while in Hong Kong. And with the latest software technology, we can meet in real time anywhere in the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fellowship for all their dedication in supporting the Center over the years. I am deeply grateful to their kind effort and love. Although there is a change in form, there is no change in essence. Dr. Edward Shen and Alissa Leung have just moved to Vancouver and will continue to spread the Light in their own ways. Andrew and Daisy are still in Hong Kong holding down the fort.

Embrace 2019 with all your heart! This is the year to manifest your soul vision. Have fun with your creativity. Enjoy expressing it. Connect and communicate with others. Tune into your true feelings.

Tips to Manifesting in 2019

∞ Breathe! Bring the Holy Spirit into your life
∞ Explore activities that are different from your routine. Have fun and enjoy
∞ Align your intent to manifest your soul desires through silent reflection
∞ Connect with your heart through meditation
∞ Express your Self from your heart, not your mind. Be gentle and loving