A Soul Journal from Kyoto is made with Light. Since the beginning, the Light arranged everything. All the people involved in the project were Light workers. As much as we have tried to solicit professional help, we were unable to get any! I am deeply indebted to Hoi Fung and Iman who have to learn publishing software in a few days and take care of typesetting and layout. Miraculously, the final version needed no amendments and went straight to printing.

My job was to autograph but I was unable to find a fountain pen that I like and fit my budget. A few days before the Event, after having lunch with my doyens I walked by a pen shop. When I went in, I spotted a nice pen inside a glass cabinet but not sure if it was a fountain pen. After I told the salesman that I was looking for a fountain pen, he went to the cabinet and picked out three. The first one he showed me was the one I liked and said that it would fit me best. Indeed, I was delighted to have it. Then, an elderly Japanese man who stood next to me introduced himself as the President of the Company that made the pen. He happened to be meeting in the shop; he recommended an ink that was my favorite color. Afterwards, Iman found out that all the numbers on his business card added up to an 8. This includes the office street number, postal code and phone number. The company has been in business for 107 years, another 8! I am blessed to have a fountain pen from Japan, endorsed by the President.

A day before the Event, I went to my hairdresser whose salon was Triple 8. I was about to give him the book when he suddenly felt ill and went to the doctor. After almost 2 hours, he returned without being treated as the waiting line was long. I ended up healing him so that he could cut my hair. I was mystified by the fact that my hairdresser needed to be healed before cutting my hair!

I picked May 26 as the Book Event Day without knowing that it was Buddha Day as well. By this time, I have been made aware of the healing power of the book. It contains ‘fire letters’ that heal people through physical contact. Readers started to share with me amazing healing stories.

May you receive Light healing after reading the book.

I look forward to receiving your sharing.