Welcome to my new website. Here is a brief story of my Light journey and how this website came to Light!

In 2008 when I became a healer, I have received Light messages to become a spiritual bridge (infinity symbol) between the Light and humankind. In my meditation, when I connected with my soul, I envisioned spreading the Light through communion of kindred souls. The timing was ripe for people to be awakened to their own soul and spirit. In particular, my foremost role was to bring this to the East.

In 2010, after twenty plus years of absence, I returned to Hong Kong with my husband Ko and founded the 7th Ray, Center for Health & Healing. The name and logo design of the Center was divinely transmitted to me. There were countless synchronized events in the process of setting up the Centers (you may read more in details in the 7th Ray Center section). Yet, in the beginning, it was quite a daunting task to talk about spiritual healing because people were not aware of or skeptical about it. For those who did, the healing was very much connected to either religious dogmas or myth. Nevertheless, with grace, I was able to perform over 10,000 healings and teach healing and spirituality to over a thousand students in less than 7 years.

In 2013, when I visited a museum in Kyoto, I encountered a small statue in the form of Horus, God of Light. After I returned to Hong Kong, I started to have visions of being in Kyoto again. I saw that I would be visiting with students over many trips. Then, I was divinely given the names of students to bring to the first Soul Amalgamation Retreat in Kyoto. When visiting the Museum again, Horus communicated telepathically to me that I would be opening a 7th Ray Center in Kyoto, and that all the resources needed would be provided.Again, through many synchronicities, I was able to set up the first Center in Kyoto in the following year. For two years, I was bringing almost a hundred aspirants from Hong Kong to Kyoto on retreats and the majority have life transforming experiences.

In 2015, Dr Edward Shen set up the Center in Vancouver, his residence of twenty years. He and fellow teachers have been supporting the Chinese community through workshops and healing consultations.

In 2016, I started to receive esoteric information that was the foundation of the 7A of Co-creating Life with Your True Self, my signature. At the same time, I found two more buildings in Kyoto that could be used to accommodate the expanded activities of the Center.

While the buildings were under renovation in 2017, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and immediately operated on. Then, I was woken up physically by a voice from the Light calling me Margie (previously Marilyn since I was a child). I found out later that the name meant Child of Light and that it has a vibration of a number 8, an infinity! It was a message from the Light and I was given a new life.

Interestingly, the Center’s website was in need of a total revamp for years, but I have been dragging my feet for lack of a design direction and technical support. A few days after my operation, the website was hacked and all the information was gone. The message was simple and clear – time for a completely new one. Then, within a couple of months, several students joined force and volunteered themselves to support the media work, including the website, books and social media.

My first book ‘A Soul Journal from Kyoto’, to be published in Spring 2018, is written in honor of the Light.