Following the first of a nine-year cycle last year, 2018 is second year, a number 2 in vibration. After you have a vision, you start to grow your potential. This year is about pairing with your soul, a sacred relationship with your true self.

Allow more time and space to do your inner work. Your soul is always present, awaiting your connection. Tune in and you will find all the answers within. The potentials to manifest your vision are infinite. This brings us to the symbol of infinity.

I saw the infinity sign in my meditation in 2013, and I requested Iris to paint this the following year after her Kyoto retreat. Then, I received the message for this year.

“Be in the world of duality. Transcend it.”

We live in a world of duality. This is the nature of material reality. We need to learn to live in our soul in order to transcend it. Otherwise, we will be constantly struggling and suffering. This year offers a perfect timing to question our old ways of thinking and doing. If you have negative emotional patterns, illnesses, pains, survival issues, your soul is sending you the signals. You may want to start addressing them from a spiritual perspective.

The infinity symbol carries a dynamic form of energy flow and rhythm. It embraces wholeness and perfection which is the true reality. The two poles are the extreme ends and the middle is the balance point. Explore them and find your balance point in every moment. In this way, you can transcend the duality rather than being led by it.

Infinity is also your soul star, your 8th Chakra, which bridges you with the Divine. It is situated around 6 inches above your head. You can consciously connect with your soul star and it will empower you as well.

Tips To Pair With Your Soul

  • Balance yourself by deprogramming all the things that bind you. Explore the opposites to find your moment of truth.
  • Spend time in nature. Take off your socks and shoes to do earthing.
  • Have self-love. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Join communion. There is power in soul gathering.