This is the beginning of your journey to look at your life through your true Self.

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Margie’s signature course is making its online debut: 1A of the 7A of Co-creating Life with Your True Self. If you are interested in joining, click the button below to sign up.

You are both a human and spiritual being. You are here on earth to experience being a human through your soul and spirit. Most of you are either not aware of or do not know how to integrate this truth. This resulted in an imbalanced way of living and you are unable to express your highest potential and fulfill your life purpose.


Since 2016, Margie has been receiving divine wisdom for this workshop from the Ascended Host of Light (AHOL). They also granted the workshop logo – a rainbow symbolizing an invitation to embark on this journey to co-create a new life. For those who attend this workshop, AHOL will also impart healing through the information and initiation rituals.

This workshop is created to support you on this journey. There will be exercises, interactive activities, and guided visualizations to help you anchor what you learn.It uses a simple 7-step approach for you to apply in your daily lives.

1 Aware of your soul

2 Awake to your soul identity

3 Aspire to your soul vision

4 Acknowledge your soul choices

5 Amalgamate to soul-merge

6 Act on your soul vision

7 A to be announced in a retreat


In the 1 – 3A workshop, you will:


  • connect with your soul and access its spiritual abilities
  • open up to a greater reality of perception


  • know your true identity
  • soul talents and type
  • learn the dimension consciousness and how to use it


  • discover your soul vision and footprints
  • know your true desire and instill passion into it
  • gain a renewed sense of your life purpose


“Attending 7A workshops has enabled me to be aware of my soul purpose, map out my soul plan, and surrender to my past and manifest. I finally realized that most of the problems I experienced were created by myself. The act of letting go released me from negative emotions, e.g. hatred, quarrels, anger, jealousy, pride, worries, and from a sense of scarcity which made up the first part of my life. I am now joyfully executing my soul plan as a “Divine Ambassador” and spreading Light through my work. There are no more hurdles in life because I see obstacles as lessons, and challenges as scenarios. There is nothing more to worry about now. If you are stuck like me 3 years ago, I would recommend you to join the 7A workshops.”

~ Cherry Cheung, founder of Atelier 88.

“I joined the Kyoto retreat in 2016 and had life-changing experiences. I learned my life lessons and transformed past setbacks. I also reclaimed my true talent as an innate artist. After the trip, I joined the 7A workshops and reconnected my soul voice and inner strength. I was inspired and devoted to spreading joy and love through sharing various forms of intuitive arts.”

~ Dolphin Yip, founder of Art of Dove.

“After I went to the 1-3A workshop, my outlook on lifes hifted. I used to have a tendencv to be self-critical and detached from my intuition. But when I learned how to connect with my soul and sensed my true nature – my habits, inclinations, and gifts, I felt more empowered. I learned to understand and accept more aspects of who l am. And more importantly, I learned to find answers within
myself, instead of looking to the outside world.”

~ Charlotte

“This workshop is transformational for me. It is like living life anewed, knowing the unlimited possibilities in life. know why I become a yoga teacher and I embrace it even with all the challenges! I find my true self and it is what makes me complete no matter what I am doing; I am always with my soul.”

~ Kelly